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"It may be that yeast have evolved to sense bile acids as mildly toxic molecules and respond by undergoing life-extending changes.The findings may have significant implications for human longevity and health, as yeast share some common elements with people."The first takes place regardless of the number of calories and involves the day-to-day or housekeeping proteins.Our effective, advanced anti aging serums target the signs of aging with breakthrough scientific technology."They may indeed offer hope for a healthy aging life." Partners in research: This study was funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, the Canada Foundation for Innovation and the Concordia University Chair Fund. Our potent, clinically proven peptides help to replenish the skin's dermal matrix, strengthening elasticity of the face by boosting natural levels of hydration that can be lost over time due to extrinsic aging."Although we found that LCA greatly extends yeast longevity, yeast do not synthesize this or any other bile acid found in mammals," says senior author Vladimir Titorenko, Concordia University Research Chair in Genomics, Cell Biology and Aging and a professor in the Department of Biology.Published in the journal Aging, a new study is the first to identify the role of a bile acid, called lithocholic acid (LCA), in extending the lifespan of normally aging yeast."We do know from previous studies, however, that bile acids are beneficial to health and longevity.

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